Mystery Scent Bundles - 3 4 5 Deal

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Mystery Scent Bundles

Not sure what scents to try or want to be surprised?

Mystery products at a bargain price!

What's included in the bundle?

Choose from these for only £9.99

Or these for only £19.99

  • 3 x 150g Whipped Soap Pots
  • 3 x 250ml Liquid Hand Soap Bottles
  • 3 x 150g Bubble Dust Pots

Can I choose what's included in my bundle?

Mystery bundles are pre-packed and ready to send. Scents are chosen at random.

I have allergies to certain scents or ingredients.

Just leave a note on your order and we'll make sure not to include these items.

Mystery Scent Bundles - 3 4 5 Deal

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